Cards Age

In tests, when "Card selection > Limit new cards > Prioritize by > oldest" is selected, my cards are not shown in the correct order.

My guess is that Pleco only stores the dates in seconds and not milliseconds when cards are automatically imported (from my own lists or the default HSK list).

Is there a way around this?
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Hi Toom,

if you have "Card selection > Limit new cards > Prioritize by > oldest" active, you will be limiting the number of unlearned cards that are added to your pool of partly-learned cards. This will give you a mix of the oldest unlearned and the cards you've previously begun learning.

If you simply wish to study a category chronologically, you would have to use the Fixed system, with Sort by set to created, Order ascending. Limit new cards can then still be active on top of that setting so you won't be overwhelmed by too many new cards.

You could then use a Card filter to eliminate the learned cards from future tests.

I doubt that it's the timestamp on the flashcards because if you list the flashcards in Organize Flashcards, the SQLite database is probably queried in the same way as when you choose the Fixed system, and you always get the same order of cards there.

Hope this helps,

I'm using space repetition for my tests.

I'm totally fine with having a mix of the oldest unlearned and the cards I've previously begun learning.

I just want the new cards appear in order.
Then I'm guessing that Pleco simply selects the Count number of cards from the oldest unlearned cards to add to the pool and then applies the space-repetition algorithm to the mix of semi-learned and unlearned cards thus obtained, without paying attention to the Created order of the unlearned cards. Once the cards have been added to the pool, only the spaced-repetition algorithm would be at work.

But here I'm sure that Mike can give you a more precise answer.
Oh, in fact it seems that the new unlearned cards are added in the right order, but it's just that they appear randomly during the testing. Although not ideal, that would be fine for me.

Thanks for your answer anyway.