Can't restore my user dictionary pqb backup to a new phone

Hi guys, first post on the forum. I tried the search function but couldn't find anyone post about this.

I recently got a new phone. I installed pleco and managed to back up and restore all my flash cards without issue. The only problem is that lots and lots of these flashcards are linked to my own sentences and definitions added into my own user created dictionary. I have backed this up to my google drive as a dict.pqb file. However whenever I try to "restore database" under flashcards or "restore from backup" under settings it won't recognise the file. The error I get is "Sorry, this file does not appear to be a Pleco settings backup."

Hoping someone can help!

Thanks for reading!!
I don't think so, when I got the new phone I used an app to just copy everything over from my old phone. I have my flashcards but didn't do anything else. Sorry if this is a stupid question but how can I activate purchases? I'm using a huawei p20 pro. Thanks for your help!


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Copy down the Pleco “Registration ID” from the “Registration” screen on your old phone and enter it in the same screen on the new one.

If you don’t have the old phone anymore and you bought Pleco from our website, see to recover your order. (If you bought from Google Play but can’t access it now, email us)