Can't dismiss clipboard monitor notification

Previously, I was able to swipe the notification from the clipboard monitor to dismiss it. However, since upgrading my phone from Android 7.0 to 8.1, the notification is persistent. Fiddling with the "Notification mode" setting (Persistent Only/Live Only/Live + Persistent) has no effect whatsoever.

I understand Android 8 introduced some options to further customize notification behavior, so hopefully there's a simple fix that I overlooked. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


Staff member
Unfortunately not; Android 8 introduced restrictions on background services, so our app is no longer allowed to sit in the background and monitor the clipboard without having a notification active. (if we hid that notification, our app would be automatically terminated after a few minutes and no longer able to monitor the clipboard)

We did also add a Quick Settings Tile to toggle the clipboard monitor on/off, so if you'd rather not have that notification all the time you could add that to your tile drawer and then efficiently turn it on/off when needed, but it's impossible for us to monitor the clipboard without showing you a notification while we're doing it.