Can Spaced Repetitions ‚flip‘ cards ?

Right now I am basically only studying with sentences, English-Chinese. After a certain score I would like to ‚flip‘ the flashcard and start testing it English-Chinese from scratch. I guess there is no way to implement this. Do you have other ideas? How do you tackle the language-direction question?


Staff member
At the moment we only support this through the 'score-based' option for 'subject selection' in 'test settings'; enable that and you should see an option to configure which part of the card is shown based on its score.

The 'learning' flashcard profile in our new 4.0 beta (which you can sign up to test on our website) lets you configure separate 'recognition' and 'recall' stages with different sets of test types, so with that one you can set up a more explicit progression of X many reviews with one type / X many reviews with the other.