Brand New User: There is no Manage Profile option like there is on the iPhone tutorial. Isn't this important?

Hi BaneGlory,

it's possible that you haven't purchased the Flashcard Add-on yet. To save money on other dictionaries, you could also consider getting the Basic Package, which includes the Flashcards Add-on. It's a one-time purchase without any subscription.


Yeah that's it, my bad. It wasn't noted as a paid feature in the iPhone tutorial or manual AFAIK so it took me a while to rule out that it wasn't an Android thing.

I'm considering it for sure, it's a lot to take in but 大家 seem to love your app. Looks like $10 flashcards, $30 expansion, or $50 expansion are my options that include it.
If you're a serious student of Chinese, get the full package.

It's well worth the money, especially since you don't have to carry around those dictionaries. I find having access to multiple dictionaries very useful as the definitions are sometimes a little different. Each version helps me understand the character more, or I can focus on the definition I find easiest to remember.