BLCUP 发展汉语 中级汉语 (下)


These are all the listed new words in the book. Each chapter has about 80 new words, and I split them up into 4 different categories (A, B, C, D) of about 20 each. That way I could add 20 new words to my study routine every day.

Among these words are 重点词语, which our teacher said we would be tested over how to write, so I included an additional list of words ("Core") featuring only these words, so that I could review those more often. These words (about 20 per chapter) are in the main list, as well as in their own "Core" list.

Enjoyed the class, and hope these are helpful for someone. I'm now working on a similar list for 发展汉语 高级汉语 (上).