Basic Body Parts

Sounds kind of silly by the subject, I realise, but I didn't know the proper way to write it. Basically, though, I'm looking to learn the basic, and eventually the more intermediate, parts of the body ... head to toes...all the basic features i guess...any flashcards on that?


How much of a rush are you in? This has been on my to-do list along with a lot of other flashcard lists to prepare.

If you look at the topic About CJ lists, a few posts below this one, it will give you an idea of some of the lists I am working on and although basic body parts is not on there I have accumulated about 50 body part words. Family1, Color1 and Fruits2 can be found a few posts below yours. The next list I was planning on releasing consists of 184 basic hotpot terms as it is now about ready to go. My plan has been to release a new list every time my last posted list reaches 100 downloads. Just don't want to take the effort of preparing and cleaning up my lists if no one is interested in them.

I could slide the basic body parts list in along with the hotpot but would need until March or so to get the basic body parts list together. Just too busy these days with projects that need to get done and I want to make sure the list is as error free as possible when released. At this point the terms are on my desktop pc and first need to be made into flashcards in Pleco, then tested, and then the list can be released.

Let me know if you are in a rush, and if so I will put that list ahead of others. If not, it will appear eventually.


Thanks for this. There are a number of words that don't have any definition in Pleco. Often they are guessable. An example is 脚掌心. Not sure how this is different than 脚掌. Sole of the foot vs heart of the sole of the foot? I guess this is the center of the sole?

Another is 上牙膛. Upper tooth cavity?