Automatically Importing to Reader Documents (possible?)


Hello, wondering if anyone knows how to automatically import text documents into the Pleco reader. I know how to do it manually, but that won't work for my use case. Maybe this is not possible, but figured I'd ask.

More context: I want to grab the top 5 news stories from a few Chinese news sites and drop them into Pleco automatically so that whenever I open the app I can read recent news. Pleco would become my Chinese news reader. I can automatically download text versions of news stories easily enough, it's just getting them into Pleco...

Anyway, maybe it's impossible but if anyone has suggestions please let me know!


Probably impossible or at least very difficult. Maybe something in that direction anyway:

I think you would need at least one other app for RSS or something, that would download periodically to a specific file, make sure to write all articles to a single file, and delete old ones.

Then in Pleco you could set up something like
Miscellaneous → Configure shortcuts → Last Reader file

Then you would only need to open that file once, and later long press the app icon to open that shortcut.


Staff member
Honestly the simplest approach to this would probably just be to set up a web page that grabbed those stories and then open that page in Web Reader. (can configure it to automatically reopen the last page, and/or bookmark it)