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Discussion in 'Chinese Language' started by Arqui3D, May 23, 2016.

  1. Arqui3D

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    Hi, guys.

    I'm making big progress in my Chinese reading thanks to shadowing native recordings. I slow down the recording in Audacity to 80% speed and then save individual mp3 files of max 20 seconds. Then I create an Anki flashcard for each mp3, with the corresponding text.

    Of course, this consumes a lot of time, so I wanted to know if "there's an app for that". An app that allows me to download an mp3, divide it with bookmarks and slow down the tempo. I've been looking around but existing apps are aimed at musicians, and thus contain terminology alien to a language learner.

    I can continue using Audacity and Anki, but I'm looking for a simpler solution so my friends can get started with shadowing Chinese.

  2. feng

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    I'm sorry, but could you please explain what shadowing is? Reading with a text? Repeating what you hear? Reciting something in unison with what you hear? Repeating something just a beat behind it?
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  3. Arqui3D

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    Hi. In my particular case, it means reading with a text while listening to a native recording, trying your best to mimic the native pronunciation and intonation.
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