Any plan for "dual window" support on iPad Pro?


This evening, I was using Pleco to read a passage of text through the Clipboard Reader (clipped from Skype), but while keeping that in my sight, I wanted to pop up the dictionary and look up new/different words as I was writing my response.

I thought, hey in the newest iOS, I can put multiple instances of apps side-by-side (for example, dragging a 2nd note in Notes or a 2nd webpage in Safari, and these both allows you to have multiple instances of that single app. You can also drop them in the slide-over and have one app showing up multiple times all with different content. So, I reasoned, what I want is to open up Pleco side-by-side (Pleco as Clipboard Reader on left half and Pleco as Dictionary on the right half [or in slide-over view]).

Any chance that iPadOS 13 allows Pleco to easily allow/implement/code this behavior? As of today, it seems Pleco only allows a single-instance.

It would be great to have multi-instance capability on Pleco to allow this.

I use Pleco in "single instance" slide-over all the time on top of other work I'm doing, but sometimes I need Pleco as both my reader and as a dictionary in parallel and don't want to keep switching modes.


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Not easy to implement, sadly; probably at some point after 4.0 in conjunction with improved Catalyst support, but I don't think we could justify doing it in our legacy app, or delaying 4.0 to do it in that.

I see how it could be useful in certain circumstances, but since we do already have a popup dictionary in the reader view anyway (and will let that be bigger / more functional in the new app) I'm not convinced it's useful enough to make it a priority.

rizen suha

yeah, pleco is awesome and there is a TON of features that could/should be implemented to make it awesome'r. so please: every effort, "every priority" toward the devices-app and zilch toward a frankenstein desktop app. also, to drive my point home: it is completely "unfeasible" that we will have to carry around both a laptop and a tablet for "very much" longer, cause... it is ridiculous... and apple and microsoft and everybody else is working in the direction of one integrated device. (where eg. - conceptually - an "ipad" will just be the detachable display of a "mac"). from mac os catalina onward, every mac os iteration, alongside every iteration of ipados, will be lock-stepping in that direction. or i shoud be very much surprised and dissappointed;-)
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