Any ever-expanding Chinese-English-Chinese Lexicon

Well, it is obvious that you have the platform down pat.

I really enjoy using my Pleco Dictionary, but I am not very diligent at adding words. It seems that i would have to carry an actual book to transfer data.

And even if I did so, all that labor would only be for me.

On the other hand, if PlecoDict had a desktop input feature that could transfer data for review and collation by Pleco; then we could all share in the development of a much larger lexicon.

This would be something like Wikipedia, but for a lexicon. It would be important to have all input rated by other users for its actual accuracy and worthiness. Only the highest would be migrated into a Pleco Lexicon for shared use. The rest would be available for revision.

I do realize this is a big project, but what is the use of having such a wonderful interface and wonderful hardware if you cannot give it the 'breath of life' that if really requires.

So many Palm applications are beautiful, but cannot expand. This one begs to as Chinese is the #1 first native language in the world and English is the #1 foreign language in the world.


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Well there actually already is a free project like this - (a recent snapshot of their database is available in PlecoDict format at

But we have been thinking about a desktop component for PlecoDict, certainly - probably only a flashcard editor at first but we could certainly add a dictionary editing component and some sort of online sync feature.