Ankidroid audio field sound?


Hi Mike - one suggestion for the Ankidroid connector - how about allowing Pleco to create an audio file for an Ankidroid note? Maybe just select a field and a voice in the Pleco Flashcards setup and then it will fill it in if the desired audio field is empty? I'm assuming that it is possible to add to Ankidroid's media file repository - maybe you can't and this is why it doesn't exist, or maybe there are issues around voice licences? Currently, to generate audio for my notes, I use Balabolka and mandarin SAPI voices on Windows - it works and is fantastic for bulk generation of vocab audio (audio for 8000 French sentences in 6 different accents? No problem!) but it is a long process if I just want to add a few bits of vocab and generate some listening test cards for them. Also, Pleco's voices seem superior to what I get from decent SAPI voices and Balabolka (admittedly largely using default settings).
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We're not allowed to do that with our licensed TTS voices. I guess we could do it with our audio recordings, but to be honest, people don't seem that interested in them these days, so I don't know if it would be worth the effort.

But my understanding is that AnkiDroid integrates with any system TTS voices you've installed on Android - can't you select one of those that you like?