Anki flashcard close blank


So, first of all, I love the automatic Anki flashcard creation feature, thanks for that. It made me switch from Hanging back to Pleco. I originally switched to Hanging because it had a quick link to Baidu translate, which has by far the best example sentences I've found.

Anyway, there's one issue with the automatic flashcard export, and it has to do with cloze-type cards. Unless I'm wrong, it won't include the pinyin, character, or meaning for the word on either the front or back card, just the surrounding sentence.

This makes sense for the front card, but when I flip the card over I have to rely on OCR to find out the tone or meaning of the character or word. OCR is great, but it's a whole extra step that can get annoying when you get a few cards that are a little foreign.

Is there anyway to fix this, and if not, would it be a likely addition in a future patch?



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Thanks! (and FWIW you should be able to customize your toolbar to add links like that in 4.0 - we're reluctant to ship them in our app as defaults because we've had a couple of bad experiences in the past relying on external websites/services that were randomly shut down + getting blamed for those shutdowns, but we have no problem with making it easy for users to set them up themselves)

Regarding closes: I see the problem, my understanding was that people generally preferred to treat clozes as their own thing - not necessarily tied to a specific word at all - but perhaps we could add an option to pick an additional model field + dump a portion of the original dictionary entry (rather than the cloze example) to that field?
Another option would be great. I have never thought about using clozes by themselves like that either. Could be useful for grammar.

I tend to use them to learn a word in context, especially when you start learning words with only slight differences.