Android x86 version

I've been using Pleco a lot on Android now. It works great and is compatible with a vast array of devices, including quite cheap ones.
I've been exploring x86 builds of Android recently to be used on my netbook with a touchscreen.
So the big question is:
Will it be possible to build Pleco for x86 architecture of Android? As far as I understand, this should not require much time, just recompilation of the app.
Thank you in advance.
Pleco is definitely the best application for studying foreign languages.


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Involves new versions of some licensed libraries and quite a bit of coding too (since we have so much cross-platform native code), so it's not on our immediate radar I'm afraid. Possible in the future if X86 Android becomes more popular though.

Has anything changed on this front now that android-x86 has matured enough and compatibility has improved? With roms such as Bliss android has become quite a usable system for an intel hardware and wanting to be able to run Pleco was my primary motivation to get android running on my notebook.

Would love to hear updates on this topic.


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Sadly no, we see no indications that things will be improving on the licensed library front anytime soon; to the extent that we're doing any lobbying with licensors for new processor architectures it's asking for good ARM64 support on Android, since Google Play will be starting to require that for all app updates as of next summer.