An opinionated but interesting character dictionary


I compiled this user dictionary, using some magic PDF transformations, from "Etymological Dictionary of Han/Chinese Characters" by Lawrence J. Howell - a somewhat strange and often wishful in its derivations (even in my incompetent view) character dictionary. Traditional chars only, 6500+ of them, and no pronunciation because it was too much hassle :). As a result it usually shows up only under "other pronunciations" of a character in Pleco. I removed occasional characters of Japanese origin, they did not display well IIRC.

On licensing - I honestly searched high and low for a clear indication of what license applies to the original PDF, but found none. I cannot even contact the guy. All I know that at some point this "dictionary" was the basis of, which went down since and is currently squatted by something unrelated.

My main / only use of this dictionary is to provoke additional thoughts about or new ways of looking at difficult characters. Sometimes it helps me remember the character, sometimes not. YMMV.