Advice on setting up my flashcards with imported word lists


Ive imported the HSK word lists and was trying to set up a flash card system to help me learn them. The issue is I already know the HSK1-2 and 90% of HSK3 so im unsure which profile or settings I should use to introduce the new words.

I was thinking in an ideal test id like to have 20 - 30 News words introduced from the HSK4 Category (I already know quite a few so its not such a push as It seems) Then have a random 30% of words from all the words I already know. So the test would have e.g 250 Characters with 20-30 of these being new. However, im unsure how this works with what test settings I can have and at what point the 'new words' become learned words which could then be included. I was looking and fiddling about with the setting and this seemed like something I could do but I was unsure specifically how and I also ran into a few issues.

If I used the basic test profile it didn't use scoring so there wasn't any consistency in the new words I was learning being re-tested. And if I used the spaced repetition one I ended up where the majority of my 'new words' were ones I already knew


Staff member
I think the best bet here would be to use a 'batch' command - Organize Cards / Edit / Batch - to mark those HSK1/2 cards as learned (adjust their score to whatever your 'learned' threshold is set to). After that, you should be able to review them in SRS with only actual new words coming up as new cards.