ADS words to maybe consider adding to PLC dictionary

Because ADS dictionary isn’t supported in Pleco 4.0, I was curious and looked at all my flashcards dating back to 2018 that were tied to an ADS entry. Then I made a list of the ones that aren’t in any other free dictionary. I excluded terms readily understood by the component parts unless they seemed important (like facial recognition, the first one). This is what I got. Out of the 15k cards in my personal list, it really wasn’t much. Anyway, if you usually put any words like this in the PLC dictionary you could consider adding them.

人脸识别 (facial recognition)
时许 (o’clock or so)
贴文 (post)
得偿所愿 (also in MOE; achieve a wish)
相对比较 (relatively)
癌前期 (precancerous)
莱恩 (name: Ryan, less common variant perhaps)
周年庆 (also in Key; anniversary)
旁听生 (also in ABC and Key; auditor)
少数族裔 (also in Key; racial minority)
面试官 (interviewer)
公益性 (also in Key; public benefit)
售后 (also in Key; after-sales)
干锅 (dry pot, part of the name of several delicious dishes)
携程 (company: Ctrip/


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Thanks! We might submit them to (and/or add them to our fork of) CC-CEDICT instead but they should probably go in one or the other.
Cool. Here are some that I wasn't sure of and cut from the list, but I might as well post them too.

段话 (paragraph, in Key)
留指纹 (take/leave fingerprints)
森林大火 (forest fire, in Key)
分散注意 (distract, alternative to 分散注意力)
截止至 (right up until)
野营旅行 (camping trip, in LDC English > Chinese)
翻译成 (in Key; if 变成 counts, seems like this might too)
套 in the informal meaning of "nonsense" (not listed in CC) as in the phrase 少来这套 (in ADS). In Key (entry 6).
任何时间 (anytime)
可信赖 (trustworthy, in Key)
贩毒分子 (drug traffiker, in Key)
法律法规 (rules and regulations, in Key)
古代汉语 (in ABC, LAC)
往前走 (in Key)
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Adso includes quite a few text snippets that wouldn't qualify as headwords in other dictionaries. Adso was intended to be used for machine translation, so any snippet of Chinese text that could be replaced by a corresponding snippet of English text was regarded as OK to include.

As a translation engine, it's reasonable for Adso to have {时许 = o'clock or so} in its database, but a traditional dictionary would take a different approach and instead have entries that include "o'clock" in the definition of 时 and "approximately" in the definition of 许. That way, when a user encounters 上午10时许, for example, they learn to parse it as 上午 | 10时 | 许 rather than as 上午 | 10 | 时许, and in the process they learn something (namely, 许 = "about") that they can apply in other contexts such as 6时半许, "around 6:30". (Adso's entry for 时许 won't help you with that expression.)

PLC already has
- "时 ... 4. time of day; hour; o'clock : 上午八时 at 8 a.m."
- "许 (adverb) (literary) [indicating a rough estimate] 年四时许 about 40 years old".
I think it would actually do users a disservice to add an entry for 时许.
The same could be said about some of the other ADS "words".
(But others are worth adding.)


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I agree with this - and that property of Adso (and its consequent mucking-up of search results) is part of why we didn't think it suitable to ship the whole thing in Pleco anymore - so my initial thinking was that I'd look for high-frequency grapheme clusters that weren't in PLC/CC and filter that down to words that at least one (or two?) other dictionaries also considered a word. (面试官 would qualify since it's listed as a translation of 'interviewer' in Oxford; in 4.0 you can search those directly by long pressing the [C] in the keyboard bar and selecting "Chinese-English Translations")


I have added most of the terms in the first list to CC-CEDICT.
Follow this link to see the new entries.

I didn't add 售后, but we have 售后服务 already.

I left out 时许 and 公益性.

Somehow, I missed 得偿所愿 and 相对比较. I'll have a look at those later.
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A lot of the words in the second list are somewhat compositional (e.g. 任何时间 = 任何 + 时间), but I did add some of them, as well as 得偿所愿 and 相对比较 from the first list. (See this link.)

套 deserves attention, but I'll leave it to another time to review the entire definition.