Adding NPCR deck, already have HSK deck


I'm wondering what is the best way to do this.
I've been studying an HSK deck for a while (categorized into levels).
Now, I want to add an NPCR deck (also categorized into levels).

If I add the NPCR deck, then its gonna go through thousands of duplicates (and ask me if I want to delete or new)...will take a long time to go through each one by one.

also, I've already gone through a 1500 HSK cards.
Is there a way to not add any NPCR cards I already studied in the HSK deck?
Or even if I create a whole new NPCR deck keeping all duplicates, is there any way for Pleco to remember my scores for studied cards so I don't re-study cards I already know well?

Right now, if I duplicate a card now into the NPCR category, the scores resets to 0.

For school, now I need to study all the NPCR deck first, without losing progress made on my HSK deck. If I delete all NPCR duplicates of HSK, then some NPCR cards can't be studied until I reach very high levels of the HSK deck (ie. an NPCR2 card that is also a HSK5 card).

Just wondering best way to tackle this.

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Set the duplicate handling option in the import screen to "merge cats" (actually the default setting) - that will add the existing HSK word to the new NPCR category without removing it from its HSK category, and preserving its scores.

To study NPCR cards without HSK, select only the NPCR categories in the "Categories" option at the top of New Test.
I'm a new member, very impressed with Pleco, and currently trying to do the same thing as Geo Chu.

I have version 3.2.47 (according to the web page I get when I tap 'Help'), with the full Professional Add-on. My phone is Android, Sony Z3 Compact.
I have previously imported the HSK deck, and have manually added six NPCR decks. Now I want to try importing to save some time.

My import file (one NPCR lesson, 25 entries) consists of a list of simplified characters only, no pinyin or definition.
The import appears to proceed normally, creating new cards from the dictionaries. However each time I tap 'Merge Cats' for a duplicate, no new copy appears in 'Uncategorized', nor anywhere else. At the end, only the non-HSK imported cards appear in 'Uncategorized'.

What am I doing wrong?

Another question: Above it says "that will add the existing HSK word to the new NPCR category". I can't see any way of directing new entries or imports anywhere other than the default category, ie the 'Uncategorized' category. Is there a way of setting up a different target category for each import?
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"Uncategorized" isn't an actual category; it literally just searches for cards that aren't in any other category. So to fix this, put a category header at the top of the list -

//My New Cards

e.g. - and then they'll get imported into that new category plus the old ones.
Thank you for that advice - problem solved!

Although I have printed out the 35 pages of Flashcard Help, and read it once through, once I was attempting to import I stopped reading when I reached 'Export', and missed the file format section which follows 'Export'.