Adding Flashcards from Excel


I want to add a bunch of flaschards using an Excel file which would consist of two columns (headword and category) and have Pleco use dictionary information automatically.
Not sure how to organize the Excel. My questions:

1. Does the first cell (A1) has to be "/plecoflash"? and then on the second row, the heading for the headword column should be "/cards/card/entry/headword" and for the category column "/cards/card/catassign/@category"?
2. Which format to save the Excel file?



Staff member
Sorry, it wouldn’t be two columns - just one, put a // at the start of the line and it’s a category assignment which applies to all of the other lines after it until the next // line.

So everything goes in the first column, and you can save it in any text format since there’s no column delimiter involved (but we recommend tab separated).
It looks like this:

I saved it as text with format. And then you import it, if you only have the words like this, you have to select "dicts only" as definition source.
If I want to create nested categories (i.e: 17 chapters all under one category titled "Harry Potter 1"), is there a way to alter the Excel file so I don't have to manually move the categories in the app?

Thanks in advance!