Add sound icon in search, CHAR and WORDS tabs

As per the pictures below !
It would be GREAT for people like me that don't rely on pinyin (I'm trying to associate the sounds with the actual characters and not their romanization)

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It should already be possible to hear audio for those words by long-pressing them and selecting the 'audio' command - is that not working on your device?


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Maybe, but I'm a little wary of mucking with list item tap areas like that - feels like an unnecessary deviation from standard UI in an app that already has far too many of those.

(as currently designed, though, 4.0 lets you make any list in the definition screen display like SENTS does, so if you'd like Pleco to give you compound words with their definitions as plain text with tappable audio buttons instead of as a list, you'll probably be able to configure it to do that)
I think the "WORDS" and "SENTS" tabs serve similar purposes (learn several usages of a character in words/sentences).
It could be an option to have the audio icon at least in the "WORDS" tab.
I understand that it might be technically tricky.

About 4.0 :
Display definition in the same manner as sentences is good news.
I hope this option will be available for the "WORDS" tab too.

As a beginner, it would be super useful to have pronunciation and intonations readily available.

It seems like my "pinyinless" style of learning is not that usual.
I still think it would be an asset for Pleco to fully support this kind of learning.
And it indirectly adds value to all the Voices add-ons !


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Sorry, by “definition screen” I meant the screen that also includes the WORDS screen - this feature does indeed support that too.