Add-ons dialog missing Done button

Hello Mike,

I've run into a small GUI display issue on a 1st Gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro set to Night mode. I tapped on Add-ons in the Sidebar, and the Add-ons window appeared in the center of the screen, but it's missing the Done button, so I couldn't exit it, as in the following screenshot:

Add-ons dialog.jpg

The iPad is running iOS 12.1.1, and the Pleco version is 3.2.35. I tapped the top left corner inside and outside the window to try and close it, to no avail. Could this be related to the screen size?


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Oh yes, you're right. It had happened after downloading some Add-ons that were waiting in the Updated tab and switching between the three tabs. Opening the Add-on dialog again for the first time now, with no Add-ons to be downloaded, there's a working Done button at the top right. So to reproduce it, perhaps you could try downloading an Add-on that was queued in the Updated tab in Night mode on an old iPad Pro.