A Frustrated PPC User



I am a Pocket PC user and I've been watching your site for the past two years waiting for you to develop a PPC product.

As a result I can only look with frustration and a certain sense of dismay as it seems that PPC does not seem to be a priority with you and that you seem to be in no hurry to get out a version. Summer 2005 is a long way away.

There are a lot of PPC dictionaries out there but none with the usage notes that the Oxford contains. Many dictionaries simply contain single word translations rather than the detailed explanations of the Oxford.

Is there anyway you could make the Oxford dictionary contents available to PPC users in some format or another? It would not have to be fancy or contain a lot of utilities. Handwriting recognition in particular would not be important as there are many products on the market that provide this. As long as the text of the dictionary could be viewed in one way or another it would be a great help.

Waiting in anticipation!


Staff member
Actually, it's really not a question of priorities; our license with Oxford only allows us to develop a product based on their dictionary for Palm OS, and for various reasons we haven't been able to pursue an additional license with them to cover Pocket PC. So even our future Pocket PC product will only include the ABC/NWP dictionaries and not the Oxford, though we are investigating the possibility of licensing another Chinese-to-English dictionary with more detailed usage notes for use on Pocket PC.

Trust me, if we could get a Pocket PC version out sooner we would; we're well aware of how much money we're leaving on the table by not having one out already. And there's still a chance we might get a handwriting recognizer licensed and ready for a February or March Pocket PC release, though to avoid disappointing people by missing yet another deadline the official word is still "summer."