3.2.x Bug Report / Feedback Thread

oh yeah, totally, im all for "expert mode" thingies. lets have a "secret room" full of them!!! i dont mind having to push 30 buttons to enable a setting that i want to live with for a long time. THANKS
small non important usability request: in flashcards, put audio speak symbol in same (upper rightmost) position in below shown situation
that would slightly enhance quick and alternate (forth/back/forth/...) listening (*) to composite words and their individual characters respectively (* listening along w reading corresp entries)


I noticed a possible small bug while deleting 75,000 flashcards from my flashcard database. In the middle of it, the iPhone went to sleep, whereas it always stays awake when it imports a large number of flashcards. Could it be that Pleco is preventing sleep while importing flashcards, but not while deleting them? Thanks!
@ACardiganAndAFrown Hello sir, excuse me for this off-topic question. I've just seen the font you're using and I would really like to have it aswell, do you know where can I download it from?
I'm using the font called FZYingBiKaiShu 方正硬笔楷书 - you can find it in Add-Ons ---> Features ---> Handwritten Kai Font (I think(?)), it'll cost you like $5 bucks, but it's totally worth it.

Oh, btw, it's iOS only - so if you're on android sorry.
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Hi, perhaps I can add that I updated from iOS 11.4.1 to 12 final, then updated Pleco to 3.2.33, and my font setting remained unchanged. I feel that this problem could have been a lot of things.
improvement request
in flashcards, test mode = pronunciation, HSK 5001 cards
after answering, on tested (eg multichar) word:
selecting/marking/highlighting one of the characters to see its def, the def appears only ~0.5 seconds later
on a given flashcard, doing this repeatedly, gives "lag" in ~half of the ocassions, in the other half lag is ~0.
(prior to today, i did not notice any lag)
(system: latest pleco, iso12, ipad pro)
When using the New Test -> Card categories dialog, if all the subcategories are checked (added to test) the parent category should also get a checkmark and be displayed closed by default. This is not the case for most of my categories, for some reason only three parent categories get the checkmark while all others keep the "-" symbol and are displayed opened by default, even though all subcategories are added already.

Edit: Just found out that I can manually keep the parent category collapsed by tapping the minus, converting it to a checkmark. Maybe that's what I already did for the three categories mentioned above, I somehow believed this would be done automatically once all the subcategories are added.
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