3.2.61 Beta


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Pretty much just bug fixes, but doing a beta since there are rather a lot of them and a new SDK. Up now on Play beta channel.
  • Updated to the latest SDK for Android P, and fixed - we hope - the various new bugs / permissions / etc brought out by that.
  • Made drilldowns from the CHARS tab consolidate all character entries for the same pinyin on the same definition screen (even if the opposite character set or variants differ).
  • Dramatically (3-4x) improved the speed of custom character/image rendering, which should help make Outlier in particular less laggy on scroll on some devices on which it had previously been laggy.
  • Fixed a bug that made the keyboard open after selecting text in the search box while in handwriting input on some very new versions of Android.
  • Made Pleco use a phone rather than a tablet interface by default when opened in split-screen mode on a tablet; you can restore the previous behavior via a new option in Settings / Search Interface.
  • Started automatically converting pinyin marks to pinyin tone numbers when pasting / share'ing text into the search field.
  • Added an option in Settings / Audio to totally hide the headword audio buttons if you don't want them (as our built-in audio files can't be deleted to let you get rid of it that way).
  • Added the correct locale code for Cantonese when using Samsung TTS (they use zh_HK - as does Apple - while only Google opts to treat it as its own language with yue_HK), so that Cantonese audio should play correctly now on those if you're using a Samsung device without Google's TTS engine installed.
  • Fixed a bug that could keep TTS icons from appearing when only Cantonese and no Mandarin TTSes were installed
  • Improved the reliability of state saving in the browse entries view.
  • Fixed a bug that kept superscripts from being correctly stripped out of headwords when the Oxford dictionary is configured as your first C-E dictionary.
  • Fixed stretched/distorted display in OCR on a few devices.
  • Fixed mis-positioned Screen OCR images on Android 9 devices with the keyboard open.
  • Restored OCR text anti-aliasing on low-resolution devices.
  • Fixed a bug that made the floating button reappear (even if it was configured to be hidden) after running Screen OCR.
  • Restored the option to hide the reader icon in the Screen Reader/OCR floating button.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes made the e-book reader jump to an entirely different chapter if swiped right from the edge.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause the e-book reader to look up the wrong characters on tap after rotating the screen.
  • Added an option in Settings / Reader to hide the chapter swipe bar (somewhat redundant anyway when you can also navigate chapters through the bookmarks table-of-contents screen).
  • Made the e-book reader update immediately on a simplified/traditional switch (rather than requiring you to reload the document).
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a blank extra "PY" when displaying entries with Ruby Zhuyin and with Pinyin + Zhuyin display enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to select characters immediately following links in the e-book reader.
  • Alphabetized the order of book names in the e-book reader open menu to make them a bit easier to navigate in preparation for upcoming e-book releases.
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"Unfortunately, Pleco has stopped."

No way to start Pleco now... :(

I was doing flashcard review while it was updating, but stopped it before the installation (I think). Report button doesn't seem to do anything.

Smartphone is Wiko Fever, you have plenty of bug report mails by me to check the exact details.

Swiping away the unresponsive app and restarting the phone both don't change things.

Force stopping it from the Android settigns menu doesn't change things either.
Thank god...
I sent some report manually (from the battery menu, wth?), don't know where that went, though...

When can we expect the fixed version to appear on the Play Store?
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That’s up to Google, we already uploaded it and released it to testers so the question is just how long it takes on their backend to get to users.