2) postal problems with the PRC? and 1) 微信 WeChat Chinese not available in the US?[WeChat solved]

Two unrelated questions, but one thread. Bad idea? You decide. [order changed since question one has been solved]

2) Snail mail: I have mailed stuff to and mostly from the PRC since 2004. Occasional losses occurred. The last couple of years have been more like the PRC post office is just throwing everything I send in the garbage or something. A New Year's card to Nanjing, a non-political language survey to a few places, etc. Recently a friend in Henan sent me a letter. I got it . . . seven weeks later! Air mail. Properly addressed. Proper postage. It was unopened, so that does not seem to be the reason for the delay. Anyone else having such problems?

[solved: see post three below] 1) I can download WeChat English for an iPad via iTunes in the US, but I can't seem to even get the Chinese version to show up as an option in the App Store. I searched for both 微信 and 騰訊微信. I even tried using this web address (which did not come up when searching in Safari on the iPad but is the first hit with whatever it was I searched for in Windows/Firefox!):
But clicking on download once I get to that page on the iPad leads me to English WeChat. Same thing happened when I lowered my standards and tried downloading the simplified character version (also via a link). I suffered through QQ's English version on the Mac for years, so I am not looking for a 'light' version with WeChat. What can you tell me? I am using someone else's iPad, so I don't want to do anything funny to it.

Thank you : )
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Thanks. I downloaded and am using it, still in someone else's English iPad. Turns out one can select the language in WeChat. In fact, they have both 繁體(臺灣) and 繁體(香港). I guess since there are plenty of iPhones in China (as opposed to not so many Macs), they made a full iOS version and one can just switch languages, as opposed to QQ where the Mac version is not of much interest to Tencent since not a lot of Chinese use Macs, at least relative to iPhone users[footnote Tim Cook's statistic from September 9th!].
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