1. C

    Best Quality (Relevance for Daily Use) Traditional Chinese Dictionaries

    I've seen 'MOEdict', 'Cross Straits', 'Longman Advanced' mentioned (but don't see it online with a quick glance), etc. I've parsed through some discussion online. Any insight is appreciated. I saw that MOEdict was described by one user here as 'archaic' and 'bookish', which make me think its...
  2. C

    Characters in brackets

    Hi, I was wondering about an issue I encountered. I assumed - as most users I think - that the characters shown in brackets after a main entry are their traditional equivalent (or viceversa, if Pleco is set to traditional). While this is generally true, for some characters the traditional is an...
  3. moelicious

    Reviewing flashcards. Practice traditional, ignore simplified?

    Is there a way to let Pleco ignore simplified characters while reviewing flashcards? Until now I heavily focused on studying simplified characters, in the future I would like to improve my traditional characters writing skills. My plan was to study some HSK vocab lists in flashcard writing mode...