traditional characters

  1. C

    Best Quality (Relevance for Daily Use) Traditional Chinese Dictionaries

    I've seen 'MOEdict', 'Cross Straits', 'Longman Advanced' mentioned (but don't see it online with a quick glance), etc. I've parsed through some discussion online. Any insight is appreciated. I saw that MOEdict was described by one user here as 'archaic' and 'bookish', which make me think its...
  2. teh yoshi

    Problems with Traditional Characters displayed with Zhuyin Ruby text

    This is something I've noticed for nearly a year, but was too lazy to say anything about it. When viewing, for example, sentences with traditional characters and Zhuyin Ruby text, any character with a Simplified correspondent that also exists in the Traditional set will always default to...
  3. shaluig

    Great tool to teach us traditional characters

    Hi all, After 5 years of hard and steady work, I am considering learning a bit more about traditional characters this summer. I am realizing that it's essential to really have a full approach of chinese, I feel I am missing something. So last week I began to review old flashcard series by...