Hi. Can anyone tell me a sure-fire way to move all my flashcards from my Palm to my new Windows Mobile without having to import/export? Can i just transfer some files? Which ones? I'm not too savvy with these PDAs and dont want to sabotage my new installation!



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No way to do that in 1.0, unfortunately, you can only move your word lists over with an export/import. In 2.0 flashcard files can easily be moved between platforms, though, so if you wait a little while longer that would give you a better way to make the switch. (you'll need a working Palm to export your 1.0 Palm flashcards to 2.0 format)
Arg! The elusive 2.0!!! Seems like it pretty much does everything! Release it already! ;-)

Oh, one more thing... not to hold up production, but I have a minor request. A delete button so I can remove a flashcard "on the fly" during a review session would be great. Then 2.0 would satisfy my every desire.

Oh, yeah, and a guwen dictionary.



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As soon as we fix all (or most) of the bugs...

And we actually did add a delete button to sessions in 2.0, along with a button which removes them from the current session (useful if a card keeps reappearing in an Endless session) and one which lets you add / remove it from a specific category (categories being our fancy new replacement for lists).

Guwen dictionaries are a tall order because there really aren't any in English that are new enough to exist in electronic format (Matthews doesn't) - if the Guifan Cidian sells well we might consider licensing a Chinese-only Guwen dictionary but Guwen-to-English isn't likely to happen unless somebody feels like giving a big pile of grant money to our decidedly for-profit software company. (or to some other entity which licenses/digitizes Matthews and then agrees to sublicense it to us)
Hi. Sorry to be a pest. Can you give me instructions on how to get these flashcards from the Palm onto the computer? I'm exporting them as text files successfully, but don't see them on my computer after a hotsynch. Where do those files end up? Thanks.


They'll end up on your SD card. If you don't have a card reader, your best bet is the software Card Reader or Card Export II, both of which allow you to access your SD Card via your Palm.