Student's Medieval Dictionary lookup has no Pronunciation in the reader?



Pleco's pretty cool! I bought the medieval dictionary, but I notice that when I look up a word in the dictionary tab it shows the middle-chinese pronunciation (where it says "MC srjoX", with "srjoX" being the pronunciation), but this is absent when I look it up a character in the reader. Is there any way to enable this? Not being able to see the relevant middle-chinese pronunciation when reading is somewhat inconvenient. I notice I can select "Pinyin w/ marks" for example in the phonetic system part of the "Languages + Text" settings, which shows the mandarin pronunciation, but this isn't useful for me(and I know I can enable Cantonese, which is yes better but still not ideal). Is there any way to be able to enable the display of the pronunciation? It's a lot to be missing out on when browsing.

I've looked around in the app a bunch, and online, and haven't come up with how to do this yet...any tips appreciated :)



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That's a technical limitation in the app, unfortunately - not really designed around displaying medieval Chinese pronunciation (Kroll's dictionary was something we added years after our last major update) and no easy way to get it to do so in the reader.

We hope to fix this in a future update, but if it's not a worthwhile purchase for you in the meantime you can go to to request a refund. If you do want to keep using it despite that limitation you should be able to get the full definition screen with the medieval Chinese pronunciation visible by tapping on the arrow button at the left of the bottom toolbar.


Thanks a lot for the speedy reply. Knowing for sure it's not possible right now is the second best thing to it actually being there. ^^ And also thanks letting me know that that particular arrow is so useful.

One crosses one's fingers for future versions, fully aware of the realities of software development.