sentence flashcard problem

I have a weekly Mandarin lesson from which I generate a file of new vocabulary and example sentences all in Chinese. I use Google to add translations of the example sentences. I open that document in Pleco's document reader.
Tapping on the vocabulary typically brings the dictionary popup and I can add the vocabulary word to a "DATE lesson" category I've created.

In the past, I created sentence flashcards by first selecting and then copying the English translation,
Then selecting the Chinese sentence and tapping +.

That brings up new card creation dialog with the Chinese sentence and the pinyin in the appropriate spots.


I then paste the English translation into the "definition" slot. I can see that the "DATE lesson" category is selected. I save the card.

I've been doing this successfully for years. In the past both the new vocabulary cards and the sentence cards appeared in the "DATE lesson" category. Recently, the vocabulary cards still appear in the "DATE lesson" category but the sentence cards do not.

Strangely, if I go back to the document reader and create a sentence card again when I save it I get the "Duplicate Card" warning. If I hit "yes" to save the card it then shows up in the "uncategorized" category.

I suspect I must have inadvertently flipped some setting. I've tried resetting the settings to no avail.

I have something like 200 categories. Could that be a cause of this behavior?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated


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Does the category appear correctly in the "Commands" section in that screen? (so the setting is still correct but it's not saving it to the correct category)


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Hmm... did you maybe change the setting so that it's now adding these to a user dictionary when it wasn't before? (that's in Settings / Search Interface / Unknown Search)
I went to Settings/Search Interface/Unknown Search. It was set to "Entry." I tried selecting "Card," "Ignore," and Card+Entry and got the same result each time. That is, after trying to add the sentence card to the target category twice, the card showed up in "uncategorized." I can then move it to the target category.
I guess I was not clear. I appreciate the suggestion. But trying different settings in Settings/Search Interface/Unknown Search did not solve the original problem. The sentence flash cards are not going into the proper category no matter what setting I pick in Settings/Search Interface/Unknown Search.


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Sorry for my confusion.

Just to check, in Settings / Flashcards is your default category configured there to the one you want to add sentences to? And if they're not on them now, can you try changing all of the settings at the top of Flashcards to their defaults? (Duplicate in cat -> prompt, duplicate non cat -> add to category, change on tap-hold -> on, multi-level cat prompt -> off)
Yes, the default category is the category I'm trying to save new cards to.
All the Flashcard settings are set to the values you specify:
Duplicate in cat -> prompt -- YES
duplicate non cat -> add to category --YES
change on tap-hold -> on, -- YES
multi-level cat prompt -> off -- YES

As I said, when using the document reader, highlighting characters triggers the pop-up dictionary and adding that entry to the flashcard category I want works perfectly. It is only when adding sentence flashcard that I have this problem of the cards not going into the intended category.


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Unfortunately we've had no luck reproducing this on our end, so I'm afraid I don't really have any good other suggestions for you at the moment - we can investigate this further for a future bug fix update, or hopefully we'll get another report of a related problem that allows us to successfully reproduce it, but there's not really anything else I can do immediately.

The one other thing I can think of to try is to back up your flashcard database, erase it, then create a category in the newly erased database and try adding your sentence card to that. If that works then that will at least narrow the problem down to some specific issue with your database that we might then be able to find / work around.