Is there a way to practice writing cards with two or more characters?

Currently I’m using the spaced repetition feature with stroke order to practice writing and improve writing/memorization. However, I’m noticing that the program seems to only pick one character cards rather than words comprised of multiple characters. While I don’t expect to have it do both characters at one time I would really love to find a way for the program to pick multi character cards and practice the individual characters which compose the word.

Am I entirely mistaken? Is this possible? How?


Staff member
We don't currently support that for stroke order tests, no - at the moment, our stroke order test is really just tapping on strokes in the right order, not actually recalling + writing characters, so we didn't think it would be very useful for multi-character words.

There's a post here with a list of common characters sorted by frequency, so if you'd like some more stroke order practice material you could import that list and start doing stroke order tests with it.
OMG that list was exactly what I needed! And even with traditional characters, yes!!!

I am not sure if this helps you at all but the way I test is using stroke order and then drawing in the order first before I tap it in. Once it is black, filled in but not submitted, I try to guess what the character is and listen to the audio for help. if I pass the stroke order but don’t know the character well (or at all) I mark ‘barely remembered’ repeatedly until I memorized the meaning.