Heisig's book


Does someone have the flashcards of the Heisig's books.
While some people are better at rote memorizations, many perform better with semantic approach: explanations, connect to previous knowledges, then memorization. That's the focus of this book, and it received great appraisal for this. The book goes from pictographic elements, then combines know items to teach more complex characters, then combines again, etc.

If someone have the book or started some flashcards, share it !


These are the flashcards that I used. This deck was made from an Anki deck I found on another forum a year or so ago. The original Anki deck occasionally had different keywords than the official Heisig keywords. I corrected some of these but some differences remain. Nevertheless this deck got me through RTH. I also added chapter and character numbers so I could cross reference Heisig's book and my mnemonics. Good luck.



Thanks spherelander, I got the semantic friendly list, that's a nice thing ! The small stories are missing, but I guess I can imagine them ; )


Thanks. This is really going to help me out!

I am assuming these cards will work for the Simplified version as well?

gary c.

Spherelander: Thanks for sharing. I'm going to try to add my mnemonics to the Heisig flashcards you've made.
Awesome Gary... I'm glad the cards are useful. I originally wanted to type up my mnemonics too but never found the time to complete it.