Google + Motorola


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Thoughts, anyone?

Interesting thing I just realized: Motorola owns (or used to own, anyway - might have been sold off for all I know) a fairly decent Chinese handwriting input system called WisdomPen - we actually licensed it for our pre-2005 dictionary software on Palm. So this might mean integrated Chinese handwriting input in a future version of Android, or perhaps even an open-source Chinese handwriting project along the lines of Tesseract for OCR.
I wonder which motorola owned the input system after the split?

It'll be interesting to see what happens, there's lots of potential good and bad to go along with the deal. On the patent front, I hope Google does more than just wield Moto's patents, but tries to use them to leverage the patents of all the major android makers. Offer licenses to each manufacturer in exchange for that manufacturer contributing limited licenses to some of their own IP to the group at large. They could all become bulletproof to the MS and Apple trolling that has been underway of late if they were willing to pool their efforts, but that might be a tough sell, licensing to their competitors. Patent reform would probably work better for all, but I'm not holding my breath on it happening or happening correctly.

Google says Moto will be run as a separate company, to allay fears of favoritism. However, I'd love to see more vanilla android generally (never heard of anyone making a buying decision because they REALLY wanted motoblur or touchwiz. Heard a few people go gaga for sense, but even that's not without baggage), and I'd love to see better upgrade policies and shorter upgrade delays. Google could encourage other manufacturers through competition. Maybe someday, they could even leverage some influence against carriers too.