Flashcards always left over after testing

When doing flashcards I always get the notice that I've finished my review when there still seem to be several left. For example today it said i was on 5/15 but I got the finished message. What do I need to do to unlock the remainder?



Staff member
The missing cards are most likely cards that it can't find adequate multi-choice prompts for (this is a multi-choice test, right?) - can't find enough other cards that don't overlap with them. I'd suggest that you do a "self-graded" test with a "card filter" enabled to limit the test to cards that were never reviewed (or not reviewed within the last, say, month) - that should let you test on the missing cards.

Alternatively, they might be cards that are incomplete - missing definitions or whatever; you can search for cards like that via the Organize Cards screen. (search button / search for 'incomplete')