Disable “image not saved” warning in ocr

Hi, when using the still image of the OCR, I find it a bit annoying to get the “image not saved” warning window each time. Is there a way to disable it? Didn’t find a solution in the ocr settings.
PS: on the topic of live ocr, did you find why the “tap video to resume” option doesn’t work?


Staff member
Not an option for that at the moment but we'll add it to our possible new feature list.

Tap to resume: we haven't done a major bug fix update since you reported this, no - we'll take a look the next time we do a bug fix update for our old app, which we plan to do shortly after the first beta of iOS 17 comes out to address any urgent bugs in that. (we're mostly working on the new one lately and in the case of OCR it only has "new OCR" so this isn't a bug we'd need to fix in that)