Customizable Audio


A great feature would be to be able to add audio that one has recorded themselves. For example, I would like to record some example sentences using a certain word and be able to play those samples when I am reviewing that word using the flashcard feature.


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Thanks - certainly something we've considered, though I think it would work best if combined with the much-improved system for example sentences we're aiming to roll out in 2.1 or 3.0 (something that lets you search through / edit / create them just like dictionary entries) - right now the audio would have to be locked to a particular flashcard and that could be somewhat difficult for users to manage.


I think this is related.

For managing flashcards, I like to do it on the PC and then export to the handheld. Specifically, I use the desktop flashcard program to create the initial arrangement and configuration my files on the desktop, including hanzi/pinyin/definition. From there it is very easy to export to Pleco format - Pleco is where all the studying is done. I don't like sitting in front of the laptop studying.

I also record sentences and with the desktop program, attaching the audio to the pinyin card side. I have my friend record the audio for 150 individual sentences/cards. They can complete the task in less than a half hour.

Unfortunately, there is no way to copy audio to the handheld computer so I autoplay the flashcards, 1 card every 6 seconds and capture the audio for listening on my mp3 player.

I personally would love to find a way to get the recorded sentences imported and active on Pleco, or to record directly on Pleco. I think there are other flashcard programs out there that can record audio, but they are not easy to use, and are certainly not fused with Pleco's essential functions.


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That would be nice, yes - an excellent argument for a desktop version, actually, providing a way to create / manage that sort of complicated card-attached data. (audio, sounds, maybe even entire documents in the case of something like, say, a Chengyu, or a literary reference)