Chinese History A New Manual, Wilkinson


Sorry to revive an old thread, but it appears that a new and much-expanded edition of this book is soon to be released by Harvard University Press - will Pleco be able to update the current version to include the new material? I'd be happy to repurchase the book, even. Having this in digital form is absolutely invaluable as someone working in the field.

The new edition will have two volumes, of 1000 pages each (which means the total number of pages will increase by roughly 700 from the current fifth edition):
I'm glad I checked the forums before pre-ordering the new version on Amazon. I would much rather have it digitally.
On that note, I'm curious to know if there might be some way to read this - when it does come out - on my e-ink Kobo instead of my tiny LCD phone screen. Does Pleco store an epub that I would be able to transfer over?


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No, as with most copyrighted titles we're required to use DRM so it can only be read within Pleco.


Thanks for the feedback.

To be honest, though, these are not formatted consistently enough for us to be able to do them automatically - he tends to insert pinyin in varying places, sometimes right before or right after but sometimes a bit farther along or by itself or in some other way detached from the characters to a point where our parser would miss it. Or in some cases the format might be missing, or be using a different tag than we're used to, and it wouldn't be obvious to our parser whether or not something was pinyin or English, or, worse still, pinyin being presented as English (e.g. 'Ming' in your example).

So even if Wilkinson were OK with this, doing it at all well would require a great deal of tedious hand-editing and I don't know if we could justify taking the time to do that unless a lot of other people complain about it.
François has made it already clear enough. As Pleco offers the great "tap in text for dictionary rendering function" anything is well settled.