Adding flashcards: Pinyin not added



adding the word 钻戒 to the flashcards database, its pinyin isn't accepted by the database:


Maybe it can't handle any double pinyin from HanDeDict yet? (I know HDD is a bit special.)

Thanks, Shun
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Actually just a bug - normally when a flashcard is created from multiple entries that disagree on a particular field, we blank that field (rather than, say, showing a pronunciation or traditional version or whatever with a meaning it doesn't belong with) and instead embed it in the flashcard definition - if you edit the text of that card you'll see some 'py:zuan4jie4'{.-w_zho .-se} code, which is why you're seeing something that looks like two separate definitions in the "Flashcards" section despite it actually being a single card.

This generally isn't an issue with Pinyin because we split entries with differing Pinyin into different results; however, some dictionaries have buggy enough Pinyin that we set a flag on them to *not* do that (rather than having your search results cluttered with weird / incorrect readings), and HanDeDict is one such dictionary.

To fix this we'll probably either a) add a checkbox so you can override the latter behavior and have Pleco split on HanDeDict entries, or b) take the first Pinyin in cases like this rather than blanking it.