!!!5000 Character list newly organized by date!!!


This list contains the 5000 most used Chinese characters. They are sorted in order of frequency.
The list is modified so that you learn 20 Characters per day starting from Jan 1. Each set of 20 Characters are organized by date.
This helps you keep track of the target characters you should have learned as of the current date.

Jan 1: 20 characters
Jan 2: 20 characters
Jan 3: 20 characters
Sept 1: 20 characters etc.

*Please note: For simplicity and usage across different future years 2012, 2013 etc All months use 30 days. If a month has 31 days then you get a 1 day break for the month! Month of Feb is tough since it has only 28 days. But you get Chinese New Year to memorize more characters! =)

Happy New Year! Enjoy.