1. justinaquino

    How do I proceed with 3000 due cards?

    Problem: 1) Is there a way to recover the Flash Cards's Score? It says I've never reviewed the card but of course I had a score. I lost it when I didn't back up. 2) Damage Control. How do i approach reconstituting 3000 due cards? What Happened 1) I stupidly moved the SD card without doing a...
  2. Brooks Jealous

    Settings Backup File - Location?

    Hi Migrating to a new phone. Backed up Settings, but can't find the XML (to restore on the new phone). Any pointers? Thx!
  3. pdwalker

    help: act in haste, repent in leisure.

    Never try to organize things at 4am in the morning. Nothing good ever happens at that time. In a fit of stupidity, I was trying to clean out my user dictionary when I deleted entries I shouldn't have. Now I have a bunch of orphaned flash cards that map to a dictionary entry that "appears to...
  4. A

    backup/restore issues

    Hi I have accidentally deleted my Pleco app on Iphone. When re-installed, looks like all my flashcards are gone. If i try to restore from iCloud in Pleco, it does not see any files saved in iCloud drive previously although I am sure it was on (iCloud/Pleco backack is set to 'On' in settings...