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    [Pop up Links] and [Links Chinese character]

    Hi pleco team / community, I try to find way to do this but I can’t find it (attached image) which is: 1. Link in pop up (I use ABC dictionary, which in `B.F`. section, there is some links that contain information about the full word) 2. The Chinese character of the above links (To look it...
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    Download Older Version of Pleco?

    I had the 2.2.11 version of pleco with my older phone. I bought a new phone after the old one broke and downloaded the new version. I prefer the design and format of the previous version. Is there a way I can download the older version?
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    Questions from iPad new users in basic bundle

    Finally ,after days of strugle and ask Pleco questions, I bot the basic pkg. I think all people learning Chinese should buy this Pleco electronic dictionary including Other goodies.this comes out of my true heart. Question no 1: In 魚dictionary...I keyin 中华人民共和国 then I see these characters in...