1. D

    Reader features request

    The beta is great and I love it. With that said I've spent a lot of time using kybook 3, which is a really great pdf, ebook, etc reader. It does a few things really well, and these features are the main reason I use it. Cropping margins from PDFs Re-flowing PDFs for readability Re-sizing...
  2. P

    PDF bookmarks have disappeared

    PDF bookmarks are no longer showing when I open a file in the document reader. It just happened a few days ago and I have the same issue on both the iPhone and iPad. Can anyone help with this? The bookmark icon still exists but when I tap it the list of bookmarks that I used to see has vanished...
  3. T

    Skipping pages in PDF still OCR?

    Hi, I am trying to read a pretty big PDF file, with a lot of pages. It is a pain to browse one page at a time, and I can't seem to find any way to browse through the pages like in the document reader. Could be nice to see an update for that. Thank You
  4. Shun

    Partially tappable PDFs in Reader

    Hi, I'm attaching a PDF that isn't fully tappable in the Document Reader, even though I can copy its text using Preview without any loss of Chinese characters. I created the PDF using the newest MS Word and the Mac OS built-in Print to PDF function. Might there be an easy fix for this issue...