lyrics reader

  1. Mythaar

    Pleco Lyrics Reader not Showing

    Yesterday I bought the Pleco Basic Bundle and went through all the feature manuals to see in-depth what I had purchased. This included the Document Reader -> Lyrics Reader. However, I can't seem to get the Lyrics Reader to activate. After getting the below image and clicking "Don't show again"...
  2. Arqui3D

    Support for Apple Music lyrics?

    When I add an Apple Music track to my library and download it, Pleco can play it, but can't read the lyrics. It says: "No embedded lyrics were found for this audio track". Maybe lyrics are now buried deep in DRM?
  3. Tatarik - 晨星

    Reader > Playback button timing / forward button

    Hello all, Ref. Settings > Reader > Back button goes back (sec.) 1/ Currently the back button only allows for playing back with fixed intervals of 5 seconds to 120 sec, could it be possible to customize it by every user? For instance I could use a play back button of 2 seconds only when I'm...