1. Xyde

    My experiences with Pleco -> Anki droid. Some improvements that Pleco could use.

    I've put off studying Chinese for a while, but in lights of some obligations had to get back at it. Luckily, Pleco has some TTS... And god damn the new TTS sound so great, especially Qiang, so sexyyyyyyy---- <- this right here is a motivator. New husbando FTW. In lights of attempting a new...
  2. A

    multiple icons/ multi apps/ 4 apps EtoC, CtoE, Flashcard, Screen Reader

    I had some trouble when trying to switch between entering some chinese that I read, and translating from English to Chinese... I lost what I had drawn in. (History is there, but still not fun) I just realized that it would be useful to have English to Chinese, and Chinese to English be...