1. kangxiKilla

    Unable to make Bulk AnkiDroid Study Material with Pleco

    Hey Anki Power Users, I'm struggling with trying to make a frequency deck based on the Movie Subtitle Research: My strategy is to make a .csv of the words, import them into Pleco to pickup the translations, and then export them...
  2. Dodoxo

    Importing a set from Cram

    Hi everyone, I would like to know if there's a way to import a flashcard set from Cram. I have one excel file that can't be detected and imported by the Pleco Import program. Shall I change the excel format? How?
  3. J

    Cannot find "Add user" in "Manage dictionaries"

    Hi, I couldn't find a thread so I decided to make one myself. I'll keep it plain and short. I want to import a dictionary to Pleco, so I put the .pqb file on a folder on my phone. Different threads indicate that one has to go to "Settings" -> "Dictionary management" ->"Manage Dictionaries" ->...
  4. D

    Cantonese flashcard file format

    The documentation for importing flashcards specifies a file format of {headword}{tab}{pinyin}{tab}{definition}. In the user interface for creating a new card there are two additional fields. Headword is split into traditional and simplified. And pronunciation is split into Mandarin and...