1. A

    Handwriting doesn't show up

    My Pleco handwriting doesn't show the word I wrote. It still recognizes it but the screen is just black. I expect it should be something like this: I tried both dark mode and light mode but nothing works. I checked and my pen doesn't have any problem and I still can make note in my phone...
  2. dapangjiaozi

    Handwriting input - multiple characters

    Can the handwriting input handle multiple characters like Apple's handwriting input does? I've tried it and couldn't get it to work. Apple's input area is limited. It would be nice to use all the space available in Pleco. Thanks!
  3. A

    Seeking Flashcards for Writing Practice (specifically for hand writing from memory)

    Hi! Please help if you can. I’m a very long time Pleco user but a relative flashcard newbie. I Love Love Love Pleco but have never been able to wrap my head around all the flashcards and settings. If anyone can give me pointers for this I would be super grateful. I’m so sorry if this seems...
  4. A

    Handwriting option

    Hi I have an issue with the Handwriting option.Suddenly I can’t find this option anymore in the Pleco app. Is it normal? Did you make an update which deleted this option? Thank you