1. T

    Newbie flashcard questions

    First: thanks for Pleco. It is not only a great language app, it is one of the best apps period. I am picking up learning Chinese again and thought I might as well try out the new flashcard system in 4.0. I haven't used flashcards in the previous version. I have a few questions and I hope it...
  2. M

    Flashcard test session for iPhone

    I have been using Pleco in Android for almost 3 years and it has been amazing to learn new vocabulary with the “New Test” option where I could challenge myself. Recently I moved to IOS and I have realised this festure is not on this app. I have also checked the premium packages but it is also...
  3. J

    Outlier Flashcards - reveal different sections (Form / Components / Meanings)

    Hi, Is it at all possible to configure Pleco flashcards to reveal only certain sections of the OSC / OTC dictionary definition, i.e. the form / component / meanings, and not others (or to configure revealing certain sections based on score?) On the face of it this does not seem possible (i.e...
  4. alec_ong

    Need Help With Pleco Card Filters

    I don't understand how to use pleco flashcards card filters. Can anybody recommend any settings for a Review test type (with SRS) And a New Words Test type? little background about my problem: I have been Using Pleco Flash Cards for over a year now. But the characters are not registering to my...