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    Pleco Anki Intergration change Dictionary

    Hi all, new learner here and I just purchased the Turtle New Learners Dictionary. I was hoping to make all new and existing cards use this dictionary. Is it possible to change which dictionary is used for Anki intergration?
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    Best Quality (Relevance for Daily Use) Traditional Chinese Dictionaries

    I've seen 'MOEdict', 'Cross Straits', 'Longman Advanced' mentioned (but don't see it online with a quick glance), etc. I've parsed through some discussion online. Any insight is appreciated. I saw that MOEdict was described by one user here as 'archaic' and 'bookish', which make me think its...
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    Indonesian dictionary

    Hello, Is there any existing or any plan to offer an indonesian dictionary. Judging by the fact that the country has more than 280 million inhabitants and a growing number of Chinese language learners, it would be very useful. Or is there any tutorial on how to generate one's own user...
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    Change all premade HSK cards dictionary to another

    Hello ! I downloaded the premade HSK flashcards, but I personally prefer to learn Chinese words by their Chinese definition, not by their English translation, so I also downloaded two free Chinese-Chinese dictionaries : Cross-Straits and MoEDict, but I can't seem to find a way to change the...