1. jurgen85

    Cloning everything onto new phone

    I am moving to a new phone and want to double check before I nuke the old one. I have 3 files: Import/Export -> Backup Database Settings -> Backup Settings and/or History -> Backup Settings and History Manage Dictionaries -> my user dict -> Backup Database Is there anything else I need? I've...
  2. jurgen85

    When are scores/times updated?

    I was a few hundred cards in the middle of a flashcard test, when I backed up and restored my database (while doing some dangerous batch changes before exporting). It seems like this cancelled the test. Were the new scores already changed during the test (and thus safe in the backup) or would I...
  3. justinaquino

    How do I proceed with 3000 due cards?

    Problem: 1) Is there a way to recover the Flash Cards's Score? It says I've never reviewed the card but of course I had a score. I lost it when I didn't back up. 2) Damage Control. How do i approach reconstituting 3000 due cards? What Happened 1) I stupidly moved the SD card without doing a...
  4. Brooks Jealous

    Settings Backup File - Location?

    Hi Migrating to a new phone. Backed up Settings, but can't find the XML (to restore on the new phone). Any pointers? Thx!
  5. pdwalker

    help: act in haste, repent in leisure.

    Never try to organize things at 4am in the morning. Nothing good ever happens at that time. In a fit of stupidity, I was trying to clean out my user dictionary when I deleted entries I shouldn't have. Now I have a bunch of orphaned flash cards that map to a dictionary entry that "appears to...
  6. A

    backup/restore issues

    Hi I have accidentally deleted my Pleco app on Iphone. When re-installed, looks like all my flashcards are gone. If i try to restore from iCloud in Pleco, it does not see any files saved in iCloud drive previously although I am sure it was on (iCloud/Pleco backack is set to 'On' in settings...