1. B

    Export ebook text?

    Is it possible to export an ebook that I bought as a Pleco add-on to plain text? I want to use MDBG to create inline Pinyin glosses, print that to a PDF and read it on my e-reader. This would be great as currently the only way I have to read the book in Pinyin is to constantly press the "next...
  2. J

    Add-ons missing on new device?

    I'm about to replace my iPod with an iPhone, and I just noticed that the add-ons that had been on the iPod are missing on the iPhone: Full-screen Handwriting and Optical Character Recognizer. I see that there are new versions of these add-ons for sale, but it doesn't seem right simply to remove...
  3. W

    What add-on is necessary to import user dictionaries?

    On my license, I can import user dictionaries, but friends of mine, who are using the free version, can’t do it. Which add-on do they lack? The flashcard add-on? If there’s an obvious answer to this, I just don’t see it, sorry.